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Job-Site Accidents

Orange County Attorneys Aggressively Seek Compensation for Injuries Resulting from Job-Site Accidents

Helping workers injured in construction accidents


The attorneys at Tous Law Group have been fighting for the rights of injured workers just like you for more than a decade. We take your case seriously and we diligently fight for your rights. If you have been injured in a job-site accident, we provide the strength and experience you need to obtain full and fair compensation. Let us be your advocate.

Types of construction accidents

Construction sites are among the most dangerous types of work environments. There are a variety of ways workers can be injured. We have handled numerous cases involving:

  • Slip and falls. A job site often has surfaces that are not level or that are unstable. Whether you are walking and fall or you fall from a height, your injuries can be serious. Common injuries include wrist, hand or arm injuries from trying to break your fall, back injuries and even brain injuries.
  • Scaffolding accident. Many construction workers use scaffolding in their job. Improperly secured scaffolding can result in a fall from heights that result in serious injuries such as spine injuries, brain injuries, broken bones and other injuries.
  • Toxic exposure. If you work around toxic substances or chemicals such as asbestos, benzene, chloroform, mercury or nickel, you can be injured by inhalation, burns or conditions that take time to appear. At the first onset of symptoms, it is important to seek legal help and determine your eligibility to recover workers’ comp benefits.
  • Equipment malfunction. If you work around different types of equipment in your job, a malfunction in the machinery can cause you injury. Workers’ compensation laws protect employees injured on the job, regardless of fault. We can help you recover benefits. You may also be able to pursue an action against your employer if negligence such as improper maintenance was the cause. Finally, you may have a third-party claim for financial recovery if someone else’s negligence was involved, such as the manufacturer of the equipment.

What if your employer argues you were negligent?

When you are seeking workers’ comp benefits for a job-site accident, your employer or the insurance company may try to argue that your negligence caused the accident. For example, your employer may allege that you failed to take the proper safety precautions or you were not paying attention to what you were doing when the accident occurred. Workers’ compensation laws provide benefits for employees injured on the job, regardless of fault. Even if your injury was caused by “operator error,” you can still recover medical benefits and income compensation.

Meet with Orange County lawyers who diligently pursue compensation for job-site injuries

Tous Law Group handles all types of job-site or construction injuries. For your convenience, we have four offices located in Costa Mesa, CA, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Corona, but we also travel throughout California to assist injured workers. Contact us at 714-602-4473 or online to schedule your free initial consultation. We handle all cases on a contingency fee basis, which means if we do not obtain compensation for you, you do not pay our fees.