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Job-Stress-Related Injuries

Lawyers Proving Job-Stress-Related Injuries in Orange County

Fighting insurance companies for your benefits

If your job is highly stressful because of unreasonable demands, short-staffing, maltreatment or excessive work hours, and your health is suffering as a result, you may have a claim for job-related-stress injuries. The lawyers at Tous Law Group have years of experience in successfully handling these types of complex workers’ compensation claims. Let us help you.

What types of stress may be brought on by your job?

Mental stress is a part of every job, but some types of stress go beyond what is “normal.” A work-related-stress attorney can review your circumstances and help you determine whether you have a claim for workers’ compensation based on stress from your job. Two of the most common types of stress related to the workplace are:

  • Chronic stress. Chronic stress is the “grinding stress” that wears workers down and can slowly destroy their health. This type of stress can result from unreasonable and unrelenting demands from an employer. The worker views the situation as never-ending and it can result in heart attacks, strokes and even suicide.
  • Posttraumatic stress disorder. Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) results when a worker is exposed to a traumatic event at work. This type of stress is common in public employees such as police officers, firefighters and those in the medical field. Seeing another person badly injured or killed during the course of your job can cause you significant impairment and distress.

Filing a claim for job stress

It is important to understand that when you file for workers’ comp benefits for a psychiatric injury, you open up all aspects of your life for scrutiny. Everything that has happened to you since birth can be investigated by the insurance company. An adjuster may delve into your:

  • Marriage relationship
  • Relationship with your children and parents
  • Criminal history
  • Previous mental health treatment
  • Bankruptcy filings and financial troubles
  • History of litigation
  • Other relevant factors in your life

If you are a private person, this can feel overwhelming. We are with you every step of the way, to ensure that you are treated fairly and with respect. Insurance companies can be intimidating to claimants, but we deal with them every day. Let us fight for you and work to obtain full and fair compensation for your injuries.

The importance of having legal counsel

It is important to retain an experienced attorney to assist you with your job-related-stress claim. Unfortunately, employers play a “game” with employees to avoid paying their claim. The worker is encouraged to file a stress claim, only to be denied by the insurance company after thoroughly investigating every aspect of the worker’s life. Once you have filed a claim, it can diminish your credibility. To avoid this type of unfair treatment, you need an aggressive and knowledgeable lawyer from Tous Law Group on your side. We battle the insurance companies on your behalf, protecting your best interests every step of the way.

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Tous Law Group is uniquely able to serve workers throughout California because we have four convenient locations — Costa Mesa, CA, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Corona. We are also willing to travel to meet with you. You can schedule your free consultation by calling 714-602-4473 or through our website. All cases are handled on a contingency fee basis.