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Depression & Psychiatric Problems

Orange County Law Firm Helps You Seek Compensation for Depression and Psychiatric Problems

Pursuing workers’ compensation benefits for all types of workplace injuries

At Tous Law Group we understand that not all job-related injuries are physical. We have vast experience seeking workers’ compensation benefits for depression and psychiatric injuries. Whether your mental or emotional injury is related to a physical injury or not, we can help. Let us fight for your right to recover compensation for all of your damages suffered.

California’s requirements for seeking compensation for psychiatric injuries

Under California law, for a psychiatric injury to be compensable, certain requirements must be satisfied, including:

  • The term of your employment must be six months or more.
  • You must have a recognized psychiatric condition according to the American Psychiatric Association.
  • You must prove that the events or conditions of your employment are the primary cause of the psychiatric condition.
  • A psychiatric condition that is substantially caused by a good-faith, nondiscriminatory personnel action is not compensable as a job-related injury.
  • A psychiatric injury that is caused by the litigation process is not compensable.

Let a qualified workers’ comp lawyer help you determine whether you qualify to seek workers’ compensation benefits for your depression and emotional or mental injuries.

Physical-mental claims

A physical-mental claim occurs when the worker suffers a physical workplace injury and later develops a mental injury as a result of the physical injury. One of the most common claims is depression and sleeplessness resulting from being hurt and unable to work to provide for your family.

Mental-mental claims

A mental-mental claim may be caused by being the victim of a crime at work, witnessing a sudden violent event or being the victim of sexual harassment. This type of stress injury is difficult to successfully prove. Conflicts with management or allegations of unfair treatment are rarely sufficient to qualify as a mental-mental claim. If you have suffered a mental-mental injury, it is important to seek the advice and counsel of an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer.


Investigation of your injuries

Because there is no way to objectively measure psychiatric injuries, an extensive investigation is often necessary for this type of claim. The adjuster may perform a background check, including an investigation of your assets and credit report. Any prior mental health issues will be researched. While the insurance company works to find other causes or contributing factors to your mental injury, we work to prove that your injury is primarily due to your job. We obtain an independent medical evaluation by a psychiatrist with extensive experience in mental injury claims.

Obtain the advice and guidance you need in claiming work-related psychiatric injuries

If you have suffered a mental injury related to your job, contact Tous Law Group at 714-602-4473 or via our website to schedule a free initial consultation. We proudly serve Orange County, with office locations in Costa Mesa, CA, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Corona. All cases are handled on a contingency fee basis, so if you don’t get paid we don’t get paid!