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Social Security Benefits & Long-Term Disability

Orange County Social Security Disability Lawyers Working for You

Obtaining the long-term disability benefits you need

Tous Law Group focuses on obtaining benefits for all injured workers in California. Social Security disability includes both federal Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and State Supplementary Payment (SSP) income. We can assist you with the application process and challenging the denial of claims. We are goal-oriented and you can be confident that your matter is attended to with care and competence.

Who receives Social Security benefits?

If you have been working and paying taxes, and you have to stop working because of a disability or workplace injury, you may qualify to receive government Social Security disability (SSD) benefits. California’s cash benefits are among the highest in the nation, because of our state’s SSP supplement. Some disabled workers may also be eligible for vocational rehabilitation services through the California Department of Rehabilitation, if you want to return to work or your cash benefits have ended.

Qualifying for SSD

To qualify for cash benefits, you must have paid enough Social Security taxes to be eligible. You must meet the Social Security definition of “disabled,” which means that:

  • Your injury is listed as a disabling condition.
  • You cannot perform the work that you did before the injury.
  • You cannot perform other work because of your medical condition.
  • Your disability has lasted or is expected to last at least one year, or is a terminal condition.

California’s SSP benefits are based on your financial need. We understand that SSD law is confusing. Let us answer your questions and give you the guidance you need.

How does workers’ compensation impact your Social Security payments?

Workers’ comp benefits and SSD are two different payments. Any public disability benefit, including workers’ compensation payments, may reduce your Social Security benefits. The total amount of your workers’ comp and SSD payments cannot exceed 80% of your average current earnings before you were injured and became disabled. Any excess amounts are deducted from your SSD payment. Additionally, an increase or decrease in your other public benefits can impact your SSD payments. A workers’ compensation attorney at Tous Law Group can review your individual circumstances and help you understand how your benefits work together.

Seek help from Social Security disability attorneys in Orange County

If you have suffered a disabling injury, contact Tous Law Group at 714-602-4473 or via our online contact page for a free initial consultation. We have four offices conveniently located throughout California in Costa Mesa, CA, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Corona. We handle all cases on a contingency fee basis, which means you only pay us if we recover for you.