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Types of Workers’ Compensation Benefits You Can Receive in California

The state of California has what’s referred to as a “no-fault” workers’ compensation system. It benefits both employees and employers in that workers cannot file lawsuits against employers and employees don’t necessarily have to prove that employers were liable for the injury suffered at work.

People who file workers’ compensation claims in California have access to the following types of benefits:

  • Compensation for medical treatment. Any expenses associated with medical treatment are covered under workers’ compensation programs through the state. This means that any evaluations, surgeries, prescription medications, medical aid devices, transportation to and from medical appointments and other types of treatments are eligible to be covered in this type of workers’ compensation.
  • Temporary disability. Workers that suffer injuries can apply for temporary disability payments, which give them two thirds of the wages of the average weekly amount of a worker in that position for a limited time while the worker recovers. There are state-mandated weekly maximums for these payments depending on when the injury was suffered. Temporary disability payments can last for up to two years from the date of the injury in most situations.
  • Permanent disability. Workers that suffer injuries that render them incapable of ever returning to their job can apply for permanent disability payments. The amount received in permanent disability depends on the type of injury, the worker’s age and occupation and any restrictions applied by doctors.
  • Life pension. Severely disabled workers with a greater than 70 percent permanent disability rating can receive weekly life pension payments in addition to permanent disability payments.
  • Vocational retraining. Workers that cannot return to their previous job and do not have alternative or modified employment at that job can receive between $4,000 and $10,00 in compensation for retraining or schooling for a new job.
  • Death benefits. These are benefits specifically for the survivors of people who die from accidents at their workplace.

If you have further questions about the types of workers’ compensation benefits you may receive after a workplace injury, consult a knowledgeable attorney with the Law Offices of Tous & Associates in Orange County.

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