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Temp Workers to be Protected Under New California Law

The California state legislature recently passed a new law that makes companies legally responsible for fair wages and safety practices of their subcontractors or temp agencies. Therefore, if any subcontractor hires workers but does not pay them appropriate wages or provide a safe work atmosphere, that company could be considered liable in court.

The new law comes in response to growing concern over the state of the temporary worker and staffing industry since the recession of several years ago. In attempts to cut corners and save cash, temporary worker agencies or subcontractors have been neglecting to fairly compensate employees so that they can keep their prices low for companies to hire them. This new law would indicate that companies are responsible for doing their due diligence in investigating the agencies and subcontractors that they work with to do their projects and making sure that they are operating ethically and safely.

Last year, a study done by ProPublica discovered that temp workers were more likely to be injured on the job than regular employees. When you consider these findings alongside the fact that temp agencies aren’t providing appropriate wages and appropriate workers’ compensation coverage, these injuries could lead to temp employees being put out of work for long periods of time with no money to fall back on.

Companies that hire temp agencies and subcontractors that fail to pay regular, fair wages or provide workers’ compensation insurance could face significant fines under the new law.

For more information about this new law and how it will affect how business is done in California, consult a skilled Orange County workplace injury lawyer with the Law Offices of Tous & Associates.

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