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Types of Injuries Covered by California Workers’ Compensation

Although there are certain aspects of workers’ compensation law that varies from state to state, almost all cover four different types of injuries with these benefits. These types of injuries include traumatic physical injuries, repeated trauma injuries, mental injuries and occupational diseases.

Below is more information on each of these types of injuries typically covered by California workers’ compensation benefits:

  • Traumatic physical injuries. These injuries make up the vast majority of workers’ compensation claims. Rather than occurring due to prolonged exposure to a chemical or over a certain period of time, they are usually connected to a specific accident in the workplace, such as a slip and fall.
  • Repeated trauma. Repeated trauma does not actually involve any wounds to the body. Instead, it’s an injury that stems from repetitive movements over time. For example, moving the same piece of machinery in a certain way hundreds of times per day could cause damage to soft tissues through the years. And office workers may experience issues with carpal tunnel syndrome if they spend a lot of time typing.
  • Mental injuries. Common examples of mental injuries include becoming emotionally overwhelmed by not being able to work due to an injury or suffering post-traumatic stress upon seeing a coworker severely injured by a piece of machinery.
  • Occupational diseases. If you have developed a specific medical condition because of exposure to toxic chemicals or materials at work, or any other condition caused by your working conditions, you may be able to receive workers’ compensation benefits for an occupational disease.

Learn more about these types of injuries covered by California workers’ compensation benefits by consulting a skilled Orange County workplace injury attorney with the Tous Law Group.

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