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Top Ten Deadly Jobs

In 2012, 4,383 Americans died due to workplace injuries. The top ten occupations were: 


Fatality rate per 100,000 workers









Iron and steel workers


Garbage collectors


Farmers and ranchers


Construction workers


  • Transportation accidents: Almost half of all workplace fatalities were attributed to traffic accidents, hence the rather surprising presence of garbage collectors at number eight. Garbage collectors are on the streets in the early morning when there is little or no light — they are especially vulnerable as they walk around outside their trucks. Of course, nearly all pilots were killed in transportation accidents.  It is interesting that travelling salespeople and delivery drivers did not make the list, suggesting that transportation accidents are somewhat common in a large number of industries as opposed to being very common in a few industries.
  • Dangerous conditions: Lumberjacks work around falling trees with dangerous equipment on rough terrain in isolated areas. There may be no other more perfect storm in terms of dangerous conditions. The same conditions apply to deep-sea fisherman and farmers and ranchers as well.
  • Slip-and-fall: A slip-and-fall on a grocery store floor may cause a moderate or even a severe injury. A slip-and-fall from a height can be infinitely more dangerous, as construction workers, roofers, and iron and steel workers can likely attest.


All industries, and not just the ones in the top ten, are vulnerable to workplace deaths. Orange County workers’ compensation attorneys suggest that you establish strict procedures for safety for all your workers, and keep these policies continually updated. 

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