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Pro Athletes Fight for Fairness in Workers’ Comp Laws

In 2013, California passed AB 1309, which amended workers' compensation law and limited the ability of out-of-state athletes to file workers' comp injury claims in California, and in particular, for repetitive motion injuries. It restricted filing claims unless a certain amount of time was spent working in the state. For more information on this topic, refer to our previous blog post.

According to an MSN Fox Sports news release, 24 former players recently appeared at the state capitol to protest the law. They hoped to convince legislators to revise it. Notable players such as Dana Stubblefield of the San Francisco 49ers and Reggie Williams of the Cincinnati Bengals made appearances. The players also have the support of the California Labor Federation and Consumer Attorneys of California in their opposition to this legislation.

Athletes and their supporters are fighting to have the law revised on the grounds that:

  • Some injuries athletes suffer during games may not become apparent until years later
  • Shortening filing periods for athletes to file claims is unfair

Currently, quarterback Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints took a stand against Louisiana Bill 1069 that passed the House of Representatives and is heading to the State Senate. The bill reduces the amount of workers' compensation benefits players can collect by requiring different calculations of salaries than under current law. The New Orleans Advocate reports the Saints and Pelicans owner Tom Benson and his family brought the bill to two state representatives for sponsoring. The state of Louisiana does not benefit monetarily from the legislation. The bill offers financial advantages for team management and insurance companies, which would pay lower workers' compensation benefits.

If you have issues with workers' compensation, consult with an experienced Orange County law firm and receive legal help to protect your rights.

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