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Keeping Workers Informed

California businesses are required to post a history of workplace injuries. 

All employers must post Form 300A for at least three months out of the year. This form gives workers information about the number of cases filed in the previous year, as well as medical and legal details about each case. 

Officials hope that giving employees additional information about workers’ compensation claims can help the employees make better choices when it comes to where to work and what duties to accept.

Medical bills

If you are injured at work, an Orange County workers’ compensation attorney can make sure that workers’ compensation pays your medical bills

Workers’ compensation is no-fault insurance, meaning that you do not have to prove liability to receive benefits. Your medical bills are 100% covered by workers’ compensation insurance. You never have to meet a deductible or make a copay. The coverage continues for the rest of your life, if needed. The tradeoff is that, in most circumstances, you cannot sue your employer for damages. Nearly all work accidents are in one of two categories: 

  • Sudden trauma. The most common work accident trauma is a motor vehicle collision. If you were out on the road, you must prove you were acting in the course and scope of your employment when the collision occurred, such as a delivery driver on or near route during or close to working hours.
  • Occupational disease. An occupational disease is any work injury that develops over more than one shift. Some common examples include carpal tunnel syndrome, back and neck pain and joint pain. 

If you have been injured at work, you have a limited time to act. Contact our office for a free consultation.

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