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Computer-Assisted Video Replay Said to Reduce Workplace Accidents

Replay analysis is not just for the gridiron, hardwood, ice rink and (coming soon) baseball diamond. Video replay may also help reduce repetitive stress injuries. 

Researchers in Wisconsin have developed a system that relies on computer analysis to spot potential problem spots in an employee’s job technique that could lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, long-term back or neck injury and similar occupational diseases. 

The study authors say that computer analysis is much cheaper and less time-consuming than human analysis and also yields more clues and tips that a person may miss.

Preventing workplace injuries

Whether your program involves a computer watching television or some other more traditional method, any program that combines management commitment, continuous evaluation and effective employee participation can yield some very tangible benefits for both bosses and workers. A number of states use worker safety committees. Pennsylvania has gone a step further and offered premium discounts to companies that use such committees. Los Angeles workers’ compensation attorneys point out the many benefits of such programs: 

  • Increased productivity. Fewer workplace injuries obviously means that employees are at work. Quotas are met and workers do not have to work extra hard to account for absent co-workers.
  • Reduced costs. Even though your prevention program may have some costs, the costs are almost certainly lower than the average cost of a workers’ compensation claim.
  • Better employee morale. When employees know that management cares about them and their health, they naturally feel better about their jobs.
  • Greater employee retention. People want to be somewhere that they feel safe and valuable, and an effective anti-injury plan does both these things. 

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